Applied Behaviour Analysis

Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is an evidence-based, intensive education therapy for children with an Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is scientifically proven to be effective and is the preferred method of treatment for ASD.

ABA helps children develop their social, academic, self-help and behavioural skills needed to interact with others and to cope with the challenges of everyday life. ABA therapy takes the form of a highly structured program designed to meet the individual requirements of each child, while building the foundations for life-long learning.

With early intervention and treatment, a significant number of pre-school aged children with ASD can achieve normal educational and intellectual function and become indistinguishable from their peers. Research has shown that at least 15-20 hours of intensive therapy per week is needed to produce long-term benefits.

ABA Therapy (Center for Autism)

Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) is the application of the principles of learning and motivation from Behavior Analysis, and the procedures and technology derived from those principles, to the solution of problems of social significance. Many decades of research have validated treatments based on ABA.

Autism Speaks

Founded in February 2005, Autism Speaks is an autism advocacy organization in the United States that sponsors autism research and conducts awareness and outreach activities aimed at families, governments, and the public. Wikipedia


Educational games, songs and activities for learning disabled children.

More than Words

The Hanen Centre is a not-for-profit charitable organization with a difference. We are a social entrepreneur, operating our business for a clear social purpose – to enable young children to develop the best possible language and literacy skills. Founded in 1975 by Ayala Hanen Manolson, a speech-language pathologist who saw the potential of involving parents in their child’s early language intervention, The Hanen Centre is dedicated to addressing a pressing social problem – delays in language development in young children, including children with developmental delays and autism.


Pyramid Educational Consultants UK Ltd offers a wide range of consulting services and products for educators and parents of children and adults with autism and related disabilities. Pyramid is a consortium of highly trained professionals dedicated to providing the highest quality service.

Pyramid also offers a variety of training opportunities and products that focus on the initiation of communication and the design of effective educational environments. We present a unique blend of broad spectrum applied behaviour analysis, in conjunction with the development of functional communication skills. Our philosophy emphasises the individual needs of each learner.